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Precision 3D Filament Product Testimonial

Posted by Burt Roberts on

Hi just wanted to take a minute and share a few photos and comments from the superior product you guys make. 

Couple months ago a friend who is a cop had shown me a 3D printed Ear saver/mask extender a company was selling for $7-$8 ea. Naturally I was floored by it, mainly the high cost so I told him no I will make them 100% free and donate to any first responder, front line worker and now essential workers that wants them. To date I have been printing 24/7 on 3 printers and have given away over 3,000 of them all made with your filament. 

The compliments we have received on how they have “saved” peoples ears from the pain of wearing masks all day are insurmountable. 

I live in MASS, we have supplied extenders for 20+ PDs, multiple FDs, many individuals working in corrections, 6+ hospitals for the nurses, doctors, RN etc.. we’ve now filled orders all over M, CT parts of NY and even shipped several hundred to two facilities in TX. We decided to make some “special” res for the FD & PD as you will see in the photos of thin blue/red line ones. 

We are continually printing and now supplying at an alarming rate to businesses that are getting to finally open back up for their workers that will have to wear masks for long periods of time. Many are shocked we are doing for this free for them also, but as I have had to say to many what I am doing is nothing compared  to the sacrifices you have to make, it's the least I could do for you all.

Attached are just some of the orders we have filled, to date largest request was for 500 for 1 organization.

Thank you for letting me share the impact your product has had during these times, and apologize if went on to long.


Printed PLA Face Shield

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame

Printed PLA Face Shield Frame


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