Marlon Precision 3D Filament


American Made 3D Filament for the 3D Printing Enthusiast.

Marlon Precision 3D Filaments are not extruded to simply outperform the competition; they must also inspire. We honor the traditions of simplicity and elegance that shaped our history in extruding many forms of plastic. Drawing from traditions of excellence set by our parent company Marlon Inc. we carry the maxim “Shape Follows Function” even further: Shape Follows Emotion.

A bit More About Us:

Marlon Precision 3D Filament is a division of Marlon Inc. and manufactured in [Boise, Idaho USA].  Marlon Inc. has been extruding precision filaments since 1992.  Marlon Inc. specializes in PVC extrusion.  PVC Spiral Supply, also a division of Marlon Inc. manufactures plastic spiral coil for the book binding industry.  We’ve also perfected extruding ABS for the Japanese and European markets due to their nonacceptance of PVC plastics.  We own and operate 15 high output plastic extruders and one compounding pelletizing extruder.  Marlon Inc. has the capacity to process 7 million pounds of material per year. 

We have perfected PLA filament with such precision, our tolerances are unmatched in the market today.  Our proprietary PLA formula has notable 3D printing characteristics such as precise detail, good adhesion to build plates (heating isn't always required), less warping or curling, and low odor (no strong, greasy, or oily smell while printing). These properties make our PLA filament compatible with different types of printers and for a broad range of printing applications.  With our quality, customer service and quick turn-around, we are in position to become the premier 3D printer filament manufacturer in the USA.