Marlon Precision 3D Filament

Carolina Blue PLA Filament [1.75MM] 2.2LB / 1KG Spool

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Carolina Blue PLA: New color [9/21/20] available now!  Inspired by the region of North Carolina.

Optimal  Nozzle Temp for Precision 3D PLA Filament:  [Hot End] 205-230° C

100% Virgin material produced within extremely tight tolerances:  Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.02mm

Comprehensively Tested

All Precision 3D PLA Filament colors are comprehensively tested for quality at both high (100 micron) and medium (200 micron) layer resolutions. Each color also undergoes long-duration testing using a large 3D model that requires 18–24 hours of print time, to ensure that there are no deviations in print quality.

Precision 3D Filament is manufactured with such precision, our tolerances are unmatched in the market today.  Combined with industry leading vibrant colors our proprietary PLA formula has notable 3D printing characteristics such as precise detail, great adhesion to build plates, less warping or curling, and low odor (no strong or oily smell while printing). These properties make Precision 3D Filament compatible with different types of printers and for a broad range of printing applications.  With our quality, customer service and passion for the industry you can count on Precision 3D Filament for your printing projects.